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DKA prevention at diagnosis

This workstream aims to identify and share best practice and resources in preventing DKA at diagnosis of diabetes in children and young people.  This is a working group as part of delivering Aim 1 of the NYCPDN delivery plan 2020-2025.

The working group is encouraging regional networks to have a workstream around DKA prevention at diagnosis, and to ensure a system is in place for understanding DKA rates within their regions.

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Understanding DKA rates

We recommend that regional diabetes networks understand their local rates of DKA at diagnosis. Here we share what data is available, and what steps networks can take to understand their current rates.

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Short e-learning tool

We have developed a short e-learning tool, which is designed to support primary care health professionals in recognising type 1 diabetes in children, and making an appropriate response.

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Slide set for primary care education sessions

This slide set is currently under development. It is designed to support a 20-30 minute education session that can be delivered to primary care health care professionals.

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Regional pathways and feedback letters

Here we share the work that was developed by the Wales Children & Young People’s Diabetes Network. A regional pathway was developed for the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes in children, with standard feedback letters sent to primary care following diagnosis to reinforce good practice, and share learning when the pathway had not been followed.

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Public education

Diabetes UK promotes public awareness of the symptoms of diabetes through its 4 T’s campaign.