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Short e-learning tool

The e-learning tool below is aimed at primary care health professionals and has been developed with the following learning objectives:

  • Recognition of the symptoms of type 1 diabetes in children
  • What to do when type 1 diabetes is suspected
  • Importance of prompt diagnosis to avoid DKA
  • Reasons why the diagnosis might be delayed or missed

The e-learning tool will open and play as a slideshow. Text will be gradually displayed as the user clicks through the slides, and certain points will be highlighted. It will take around 5 minutes to read the slides.

The tool can be shared as an email attachment with the target audience.

View Slide set Online Here
Download Slides and Show Here (NHS Login)
Download Slides and Show Here (No Login Required)



The tool has been developed in a way that is easy to share. It can be emailed to the target audience as an email attachment. Alternatively, users can be directed to this webpage to access the tool.

We are happy for text from the slides to be copied for your own presentations or education sessions. However, we would ask that you only distribute the tool in its original version, without making any edits.


Development history

This tool was developed by a working group as part of the National Children & Young People’s Diabetes Network. The group included diabetes healthcare professionals and GPs from around England and Wales.

Feedback on the tool was obtained from primary care and secondary care health professionals in the North West via survey monkey and email responses. Feedback was also obtained from representatives of the Primary Care Diabetes Society. This feedback was used to develop the final slide set.

The group is grateful to all those who took the time to review the tool and gave their feedback.