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Hybrid Closed Loop Virtual Education Day – 03/11/2023

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Understanding and Implementing the HCL Technology Appraisal

HCL Technology Appraisal – Dr Fulya Mehta
– an MDT perspective – Dr Fiona Campbell
– an ICB perspective – Hannah Beba


An introduction to the HCL Systems – Anne-Marie Frohock

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How to successfully onboard patients with HCL: The on-boarding
journey, the stumbling blocks, nuggets of wisdom and available resources

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The story of three very different units:
The Giant! – Nottingham Children’s Hospital – Remy Cresswell
The Midsize Marvel! – Birmingham Children’s Hospital – John Pemberton
The Compact Powerhouse! – Southport and Ormskirk Hospital – Helen Day


HCL on boarding Q&A session Chair John Pemberton


From those that really count What does the availability of HCL mean
to patients
and families – Stephen & Freya


Interpreting Hybrid closed-loop data: Practical advice and clinical
cases – Julia Ware

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Translated HCL resources from DigiBete – Maddie Julian

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National resources from ACDC – Remy Cresswell

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The role of technology in driving uncertainty distress: how HCL
might impact on people differently – Kate Gething

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The Psychological Impact of Technology – Rose Stewart

*Credit to Diabetes UK for allowing us to share their presentation below


Complete Panel Q&A session from questions collected throughout the day