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Updated DKA Integrated Care Pathway issued by Wales Network



An updated version of the DKA ICP, accounting for the latest guidance from BSPED and ISPAD, has been published by the Children and Young People’s Wales Diabetes Network.

This is an interim national pathway which will be finalised following the release of NICE guidance which is expected in the Spring of 2021. A limited print run has been distributed to paediatric diabetes clinical leads in Wales.

Dr Nirupa D’Souza and Dr Ambika Shetty, who have championed the DKA ICP in Wales, explained the need for publication:

“We are aware that best practice regarding treatment of DKA has changed. In part this is because of concerns raised here in Wales that have now been considered across the UK.

“We were the first country in the UK to adopt a national pathway for treating DKA and this has become established practice in hospitals across Wales. We therefore needed to update our documentation to reflect changes in best practice and ensure children receive the most appropriate treatment for DKA.”

The new pathway can be downloaded here: All-Wales DKA ICP 2020 (PDF)

A presentation for staff training purposes is also available (PDF Version)