Network Forum


How do I use the Forum?

Read the USER GUIDE to get started. You will also need to register and wait for your registration to be approved before you can start posting on the Forum.

Who can use the Forum?

This Forum is for NHS staff working in England and Wales. Access may be extended to people outside the NHS on a case-by-case basis. This is at the discretion of the Forum Administrators.

What can I post on the Forum?

Users can post about any aspect of diabetes care for children and young people on the Forum.

Who will read what I post on the Forum?

Registered users of the Forum can read anything posted on the Forum, in any of the Forum areas. (Please note the professional areas of the Forum are accessible by all users.)

Are parents allowed to post on the Forum?

Parents are not able to register for the Forum at this time. A number of other online discussion areas are available for parents e.g. on social media sites. Parents are advised to contact the Families with Diabetes National Network for further information.

What if I post something in the wrong area?

Notify an administrator, and your post can be moved to the correct part of the Forum.

Can I publish documents on the Forum?

It’s not possible to upload a document to the Forum. If a document is on another website, then a link to the document can be put in a Forum post (see next FAQ). Users can ask their Network Manager to upload a document on the CYPDN website to generate a link. It is also possible to insert images into posts on the Forum so, for example, a user could save a PowerPoint slide as a jpeg image and insert it into a post.

Can I link to other websites from the Forum?

Users can insert links to any website but are advised that NHS internet security protocols might block access to websites. It is best practice to provide an explanation of what the link is about and which website a person will visit if they click on the link.

Example: There are lots of resources for teams about Covid-19 on the Network page:

What if I disagree with something that has been posted?

Users can express disagreement, but are expected to do so in a professional way that respects the opinions of other users. All users are advised to cite evidence for best practice to support their opinion if disagreements occur.

What if I think a post breaches the Forum Rules?

Any user can report a post using the icon in the bottom right hand corner of the post. This will be examined by the administrators.

What has happened if my post has disappeared?

Your post may have been reported for breaching the Forum Rules and has been removed by an administrator.