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National Children and Young People’s Diabetes Network Psychology Conference – 31/01/2023

National Children and Young People’s Diabetes Network Psychology Conference Agenda


Conflict and Collaboration in Diabetes Management – Dr Vincent McDarby, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Dublin, Ireland
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Preventing Type 1 Diabetes and Disordered Eating: What can we learn from the lived experience of T1DE? – Aisling Piggot, Lead Paediatric Dietitian at Cardiff and Vale UHB/ RCBC funded PHD student at Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cardiff
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Autism and Diabetes

What are the issues raised with working with young people with diabetes in clinic settings and in the service generally and what adaptations/resources are psychologists using to help support them and their families.
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Supporting documents
ASD & T1D maximizing engagement slides – Dr Jacqueline Palombella

High HbA1c clinics

What are the issues that psychologists have encountered and what ways/solutions have psychologists developed to address these?
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Slides from Workshops – Notes from participants

Patient Engagement and Inequality

What are the difficulties that young people encounter in accessing diabetes services and what are the solutions/adaptations that psychologists have developed?

Technology and Pumps

What are the psychological issues raised by using technology and how have psychologists addressed these?
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