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Network Webinars
During the Covid-19 pandemic all face to face national and regional network meetings have had to be cancelled and are now taking place virtually.   It was felt that the educational needs for network members still needed to continue and therefore should be delivered virtually.     It was decided to compile a programme of network webinars that all network members could have free access to.   The webinars have been very kindly set up and organised by the East of England Children and Young People’s Diabetes Network.   Recordings will be made available for all network members to have access to.

Programme for Network Webinars for April – June 2021 – Download

Title:       CamAPS FX – The Artificial Pancreas system developed in Cambridge over the last 10 years

Speaker: Dr Roman Hovorka, Cambridge University


Title:       ‘Vascular complications of Type 1 Diabetes: an update on screening and treatment’

Speaker: Dr Loredana Marcovecchio, Cambridge University


Title:       ‘Seminar on the pharmacology of insulin’

Speaker: Professor Peter Hindmarsh, University College London Hospital


Title:       ‘Supporting the delivery of Transition Clinics for Young People during the time of Covid-19  – a Psychology perspective’

Speakers: East of England Children and Young People’s Diabetes Psychology Forum


Title:       ‘The management of neonatal diabetes’

Speakers: Dr Michel Polak


Title: Haemoglobin A1c Biochemistry, analysis and clinical utility

Speakers: Professor W Gary John & Dr Emma Webb

‘Diabetes, Sports, Exercise and Nutrition’

Speakers: Sports DietitiansFrancesca Annan, UCLH and Anna Groom, Colchester Hospital.


Title: MDI to pump in 8 days-Experiences with 670g and 780g

Speakers: Judith Campbell and Dr Goran Petrovski


Title: Can we prevent Type 1 Diabetes

Speakers: Professor Colin Dayan


Title: The diagnosis and management of type 2 diabetes in childhood and adolescense

Speakers: Dr Billy White


Title: Faster Aspart in clinical practice a case based approach

Speakers: Dr Nandu Thulange


Title: Transitional care services for the young person with diabetes challenges and solutions

Speakers: Dr Alok Gupta


Title: Turning the T1DE T1 diabetes and eating disorders in children and young people

Speakers: Dr Simon Chapman