SEREN Moving to Year 7 resources  Curriculum cover

This page contains all the resources for staff using the SEREN Moving to Year Seven module. Access to most of these resources is restricted to NHS Wales staff and must be accessed via an NHS Wales computer. NHS Wales log on credentials will need to be entered. Please do not share these resources outside your immediate team once they have been downloaded.

If you work outside NHS Wales and want to see these resources, please contact the SEREN team.


SEREN Moving to Year 7 curriculum (link accessible by NHS Wales staff only)


(links accessible by NHS Wales staff only)

School Map    Sample school map for SEREN activity

Dinner Menu

Food Labels (Activity 3.1)

Carbohydrate Counting Worksheet (worksheet for Activity 3.1)

Moving to Year 7 Top Tips


(links accessible by NHS Wales staff only)

PowerPoint for teams to adapt and use in virtual sessions  Sample flashcard

Activity 2.2 Higher or Lower cards 

Activity 2.3 – Hypo Scenarios cards

Activity 4.1 Mishaps cards

Activity 5.1 Telling New People cards

Activity 7.2 – Newspaper Headlines cards

Activity 8.2 – True or False cards


Certificate of Attendance image

SEREN Group Education evaluation form (for Key Stage 3 child)

SEREN Group Education parents evaluation form

Certificate of Attendance