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Wales Network acquires Digibete App for all families in Wales


The Wales Network has received funding from the All-Wales Diabetes Implementation Group to acquire the Digibete App on behalf of all families with a child or young person with Type 1 diabetes receiving care in Wales.

The App can be downloaded for Apple or Android operating systems and is free for one year with a code available from the clinic team. The app offers access to Digibete’s award-winning educational platform. Individuals can store their personal clinical information on the app as well, as a useful hand-held record of care.

“We are very pleased to have this app available for all our families in Wales,” says network manager, Jon Matthias. “Please ask your diabetes team for your code so you can start using the Digibete App.”

Discover more about the Digibete App.

Screengrab of Digibete App    Screengrab of app store