Wales Network publishes first Annual Report

Originally published Wednesday 24th May 2017

Annual_report_cover_image.jpgThe first annual report from the Children & Young People’s Wales Diabetes Network (& Brecon Group) has been published.  It covers the first 12 months since the Network launched in September 2015. It has been published now to include the most recent NPDA results which were released earlier this year.

This is the first time paediatric units in Wales have published NPDA data, PREM data and peer review information in one document in a way that makes it easy to identify variability in services.

“As a Network we have a commitment to openness and transparency, with a view to improving services,” says Dr Chris Bidder, Chair/Clinical Lead, The Children and Young People’s Wales Diabetes Network (& Brecon Group).

“We hope publishing this information like this will be of benefit to all our units and to the children and families we work with.”

“On behalf of the Network Steering Group, I would like to thank all the paediatric teams in Wales, our parent representatives, and supporters in third sector organisations, for helping to make the first year of our Network such a success. Your contribution is highly valued and much appreciated.”

The Network is now in its second year, working towards objectives set in the Welsh Government’s Diabetes Delivery Plan 2016-2020.

“We are seeking to build on the good practice established during our first year,” says Chris. “We are also delighted at the progress made by the SEREN project group, who have delivered a high quality education programme and resources for all children newly diagnosed with diabetes, which has now been rolled out across Wales.

“In the next few months we are running a quality improvement training programme for staff across Wales, which we hope will deliver useful improvements in practice that can be adopted across all units.

“As this report shows, through working more closely together, staff in Wales are delivering high quality services for children, young people and their families. We hope to make these services even better in the coming years.”