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Enjoy being active with Type 1 diabetes Information leaflet


The network dietitians are very excited to share their ‘Enjoy being active with Type 1 diabetes Information leaflet’ which they have worked on collaboratively over the last 15 months. The sharing of resources was initially discussed at the dietitians meeting on 20th March 2019, following this Rona Cookson shared an exercise leaflet she had developed but was looking to review. Rona led on this and has been given feedback throughout what has been a lengthy process of consultation from the dietitians.  In July 2019 a small working group (Jennie Brown, Doua Al-Asadi, Gowry Sisupalan, Lesley Green and Rona Cookson) met to review the leaflet and share and review evidence. Several other dietitians from the network contributed significantly by reviewing, sharing evidence and emailing suggestions, including Louise Salsbury, Niamh Gilligan, Steffie Elhassan, Caroline McNicholas, and Alison Ashworth.  Positive patient feedback was received from a small number of families at Arrowe Park Hospital using an evaluation form, and suggestions were received from a patient engagement officer in Blackpool.  We also cross checked the information with other local resources including UCLH.   The leaflet was then shared with network leads in May before the final version was endorsed by the network in June 2020.

Enjoy being Active with Type 1 Diabetes Information Leaflet