North West


The Children and Young People’s North West Diabetes Network will aim to develop a care model for children and young people with diabetes that enables consistent access to high quality care no matter where it is delivered across the North West of England.

Each Children and Young People’s (CYP) Diabetes Network is a collaborative group of CYP diabetes teams and other stakeholders coming together to share good practice to improve CYP diabetes care. It is expected that information and products will be shared freely and within the spirit of collaborative working both within the network and the wider NHS system. The three networks of the North of England, namely: North West, North East & North Cumbria and Yorkshire & Humber will also work together to undertake training and share good practice both within the Northern region, but also across the other Networks, minimising duplication.


If you have recently started to work within the Children and Young People’s North West Diabetes Network please let Jonathan Maiden know via email ( so that he can add your name to the Network’s distribution list and ensure that you have access to the network documents held within the website.

Key Contacts

Dr Mark Deakin

Dr Mark Deakin

Network Chair

Carley Frerichs

Network Vice-Chair

Miss Margot Carson

Network Manager

Mr Jonathan Maiden

Network Data Quality Manager

Dr Wajid Sultan

Network Lead Clinician

Dr Reza Zaidi

Network Transition Lead

Mrs Carol Metcalfe

Network Lead Nurse

Mrs Katie Beddows

Network Lead Nurse

Mrs Rona Cookson

Network Lead Dietitian

Dr Tessa Shanahan

Network Lead Psychologist

Ms Jennie Brown

Network Lead Dietitian

Mrs Kirsty Henderson

Parent Representative

Ms Jude Hughes

Parent Representative