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Action Groups Created to Formulate NCYPDN Five year Delivery Plan


Aims and Visions for the National Delivery Plan

The National Children and Young Peoples Diabetes Network’s (NCYPDN) ambition is to enable children and young people living with diabetes to achieve optimal health and social outcomes and enhanced quality of life through access to world-class diabetes services that offer consistent, high quality care no matter where it is delivered in England and Wales.

In order to achieve this, we are not only continuing to work in partnership with parents, children and young people but we plan to better collaborate between ourselves as networks to develop a fully integrated care model throughout the nation that provides:

• A highly trained, inter-disciplinary care team who understands the needs and preferences of CYP in addition to offering structured, comprehensive support for them up to the age of 25.

• Good preparation for CYP moving from children’s services into young adult services.

• Equitable access to insulin pumps and CGM technology.

• Face to face, one to one, group work or digital self-management learning and communication with their care team.

• The ability to co-design their care plan during appointments, give feedback and have a say in service planning.

• Access to ‘diabetes trained’ support in the community from social workers, youth workers, teachers and other supportive figures in their daily lives.

• Knowledge of and ability to participate in research trials e.g. immunotherapies or new insulin delivery methods.

• Psychological and emotional support for CYP, parents and families.

So as to move forward to reach this vision, we have formed ‘action groups’ which enable our professionals to combine their knowledge and ability to embark on achieving the main aims of the delivery plan, that will lead to better structured and more comprehensive support for children, young people and their families.

The four aims are as follows:

1. Ensure that every child with diabetes has equal access to the same level of diabetes care and education, that allows effective self-management through the delivery of a national standard programme supported by diabetes teams that include psychologists and social workers.

2. All children and young people with diabetes have access to clinically appropriate technology.

3. Develop nationally defined and enforced paediatric diabetes job descriptions for all roles, exemplar business cases, staffing ratios and educational standards.

4. Ensure we will have full parent, children and young people representation and voice in diabetes services.