The Brecon Group Register

The Brecon Group was originally set up in 1994 to form a national view on standards of care for children with diabetes in Wales. The Brecon Group set up a register of children with diabetes in Wales in 1996.

The register

  • Maintains a register of children with diabetes in Wales
  • Collects demographic data
  • Informs Welsh Ministers of trends; incidence and prevalence of children with diabetes in Wales
  • Contributes to national audits.
  • Provides valuable information for research projects into the long-term outcomes of children and young people with diabetes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Brecon Group?

The ‘Brecon Group’ is a group of paediatric healthcare specialists (including doctors, nurses, dietitians, psychologists) responsible for looking after children and young people with diabetes in Wales.

What is the Brecon Group All Wales Paediatric Diabetes Register?

It is a set of information on children and young people who have been diagnosed with diabetes under 17 years of age, and have lived in Wales, from 1979 onwards.

What is the purpose of the Brecon Group register?

The purpose of the register is to help us understand the numbers of children and young people with diabetes in Wales and monitor the quality of services across the country.

What is the aim of the Brecon Group register?

The Group aims to continue collecting information on all children and young people diagnosed with diabetes of any type and to use this information to carry out research. The research will investigate the causes of diabetes looking at both environmental factors and genetic susceptibility. Also studies within the NHS will look into the quality of care and available services for children and young people with diabetes.

Is the data ever passed on to anyone?

The data you provide to us is important and may be useful to other research studies. So that your data can be used anonymously for further research in the public interest, an NHS organisation will replace your identifying details with a unique anonymous code. This will enable your data to be linked to routinely-collected data, including your health records. The data can then be used for research in anonymous form in a secure environment, such as the Secure Anonymised Information Linkage Databank (SAIL).

Brecon Group Documents