Wales Network Videos

Tue 5th Jan 2016

These videos have been produced to help children and young people, their families, and healthcare and other professionals.

An introduction to SEREN

SEREN is the structured education programme developed by the Wales network. It is now being used by all the paediatric diabetes teams in NHS Wales.


An Introduction to Insulin Pumps

This video is for children and young people and their families to learn about insulin pumps, to help them decide if an insulin pump would be appropriate for them. We also suggest people use the OPTION GRID [PDF] that outlines the differences between insulin treatment options. (Developed by staff at Cardiff & Vales University Health Board.)

For staff: Using the Guide to Insulin Pumps and other videos from the Children and Young People’s Wales Diabetes Network [PDF]



Short 'reminder' guides to common procedures

The following videos are designed to be handy reminders of how to perform a routine finger-prick blood glucose test, how to inject insulin and how to use glucose gel to treat a hypo. They are suitable for family members and other people who care for children and young people with diabetes, including school staff.






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