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Tuesday 20th February 2018



Links to research from JDRF

JDRF has announced a 2 year partnership with SFC Fluidics to develop a single pod automated insulin delivery device.  it seeks to combine a CGM, pump and algorithm in one device which can be disposed of every three days. It would have a single skin entry pint rather than current pump/CGM tech which pierces the skin in two locations.


A new insulin which is rapid acting and ultra concentrated is due to be tested in clinical trials this year. This has been developed through a partnership between JDRF and Arecor and it’s hoped it will lead to smaller, easier to wear pumps.



JDRF is partnering with biotech start-up Enable Biosciences in the US to develop a spit test that can be used to screen for type 1 diabetes. The spit-to-screen scheme aims to make diagnoses for children easier.


Scientists were able to reverse type 1 diabetes and restore normal blood glucose levels in mice, using a virus carrying two special genes. The research, which was partly funded by JDRF, is part of efforts focused on finding a way to cure type 1 diabetes.



Clinical Trial Recruiting now

The new EXTOD education programme covers how to exercise safely with type 1 is recruiting adults.