South East Coast & London Network

Paediatric Diabetes Dietitians


Network Leads

Susan Durham- Shearer is based in Brighton at the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital and has worked with the Children and Young Person’s Diabetes Team for the past 5 years. Susan is one of the Paediatric Diabetes Dietitians that is supporting the South East Coast and London paediatric dietitians network, a sub group of the South-East Coast and London's partnership, which aims to share good practice and support paediatric dietitians working with children and young people with Diabetes and their families.

Laura Bull has been working as a paediatric dietitian with children and young people with diabetes at University College Hospital, London, for the last four and a half years. Laura is supporting the SEC & London paediatric dietitians network jointly with Susan.


Key Contacts

Network Leads
Adele Swart and Sonja Allen


Network Manager
Usha Parkash