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A training, education and competency framework for Paediatric Dietitians working in Paediatric Diabetes

Thu 29th Sep 2016


This document has been developed to support clinical paediatric dietitians demonstrate knowledge and competence in paediatric diabetes care, and to guide the providers of post graduate education in the curriculum required for post graduate clinical dietetic education.
This document can also be used by experienced dietitians to demonstrate knowledge and competence.
The content of this framework is based on the National Curriculum for the Training of Health Care Professionals caring for children and young people with diabetes. Detailed information about the national curriculum development can be found in Appendix 1.
The national curriculum has been adapted for use by dietitians by the Paediatric Sub-Group of the British Dietetic Association: Diabetes Specialist Group (DSG).
‘National Curriculum for the training of Health Care Professionals that care for children and young people with Diabetes’
Adapted from the SWEET Project EU 2008 – 2011, Good Practice Recommendations on Paediatric Training Programmes for Health Care Professionals in the European Union



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