North West Network

Individual Healthcare Plan (IHCP) for a Child or Young Person who has Diabetes


Led by Sandra Singleton this group has initially focused on the design of an ‘Individual Healthcare Plan (IHCP) for a Child or Young Person (CYP) who has Diabetes’

Two electronic IHCP’s were developed, one as a standalone plan which is available for download via the Diabetes UK website link:

the second via JDRF as a IHCP which is to be used alongside the East of England’s Network   ‘Guidelines for Schools, Colleges and Early Years Settings’ e-book.  This has also been adopted by the Department of Education.

The IHCP will be reviewed regularly following any national or international guidelines changes and will also have a review in January 2016.

At present Sandra is working on an ‘Individual Health Care Plan for a Child who has Diabetes under the age of 3 Years’ and this is being piloted at present.  As soon as the pilot has finished it will also be available for download at the above links.

The schools working group consists of the following North West Network members:


  1. Sandra Singleton              
  2. Margot Carson                  
  3. Dawn Anderson                      
  4. Elaine McDonald
  5. Paula Maiden                    
  6. Jayne Johnson                  
  7. Jill Cullen                                  
  8. Helen Nurse
  9. Linda Connellan                
  10. Daniel Hyde  

If you would like any further information please contact either Sandra or Margot via email: