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Submission of 2017/18 NPDA data

Wed 1st Nov 2017

The NPDA data capture system is in the process of being reconfigured to accept the new dataset and incorporate improvements to the 2015/16 system suggested by respondents to the 2015/16 submission survey and members of the NPDA project team.


These include:


  • Selective print options for sections of the data completeness report designed to help larger units scrutinise patient level data more thoroughly/conveniently.
  • Addition of a ‘same date as visit date’ button to speed up individual questionnaire submission.
  • Ability to continue to submit 2017/18 audit data for three months following end of audit year (31 March 2017) whilst also submitting 2018/19 data.


Everyone registered to use the 2015/16 system will already be registered to use the 2017 version, although all patients will need to be entered from scratch. Once all patients from the 2017/18 data collection have been entered into the system, however, only new patients will need to be added from 2018/19 onwards.


The test site will be finalised by the 7th November, but we will be able to start testing the main features by the end of this week.  The testing phase will likely take us up until the 21st November when the live site will be launched.  If you would like to help us test the system via submission of your unit’s data (which should also help you to identify any extraction surprises), please contact Cynthia.Sangarappillai@rcpch.ac.uk asap.  



Kind regards,


NPDA team

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