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East Midlands Education Group

This group was put together to look at the resources to support the checklists that trusts use already. For the first part of this group we were tasked to look at resources for patients with type 1 diabetes. We have listed some topics below, and put pictures of what things look like as well as the resource. 

All of these resources have been submitted by the CYPEMDN and are available for people to use, please do remember that in some of these resources to acknowledge where you got them if you are going to use them.

If you are unable to view any files then please ensure you are logged in first.

Adjusting Insulin

Blood Glucose Testing

Carbohydrate Counting/Awareness/Recongition

Correction Doses and Hyperglycaemia

Eating Disorders


General/Ice Breakers/Games

Healthy Eating

Holidays/Social Occasions



Sick Day Illness/Rules


What is Diabetes?