Network Aim & Objectives


The National Children and Young People's Diabetes network is working towards agreed standards of care, outcomes and process of quality assurance to establish the delivery of a world class service.

The aim of the network will be achieved with support from an extended group of relevant  stakeholders from national and international associations/groups that advocate for better care of children and young people with diabetes.


  • Achieve 100% data submission to the National Paediatric Diabetes Audit
  • Work towards 100% of provider units utilising the Children and Young Peoples Diabetes Service Specification
  • Increase the number of centres that receive the Best Practice Tariff
  • Establish consensus on clinical guidelines and protocols
  • To establish consensus on the content of the National Paediatric Diabetes Service Improvement Delivery Plan 2013-2018 . This is presently under review
  • Record achievable targets over the following 5 years to achieve outcomes outlined in the National Paediatric Diabetes Service Improvement Delivery Plan (in the process of being updated)
  • Support continuing professional development by all healthcare professionals undertaking the National Curriculum: E-Learning 1st Level Basic Awareness training
  • Establish national training programmes for healthcare professionals and deliver them within all regions
  • Continue to support the development of accredited training for healthcare professionals
  • To develop a Structured Patient Education Programme for Children and Young People with Diabetes and their Families
  • Continue to support the evaluation and further development of the National Paediatric Diabetes Peer Review Quality Assurance Programme, NHS England
  • Support professionals to improve the standards of care for Young People moving through paediatric Diabetes services and into Young adult services
  • Explore the requirement for and support the development of regional and subsequently a national registry for Children and Young People with Diabetes
  • Integrate the use of the Individualised Care Plan for Schools into all Paediatric Diabetes Units
  • Document activities that raise the profile of the networks and widen stakeholder engagement
  • Work with clinical colleagues, who are part of the European SWEET Project ( to influence improved standards of care in all countries across Europe