Best Practice Tariff


2017/18 and 2018/19 National Tariff Payment System

Since 2012-13 a mandated Best Practice Tariff (BPT) has applied to paediatric diabetes services in England only.  The tariff payment is set at a level to enable access by patients to consistent, high quality management of their diabetes regardless of where it is delivered.   It is important that clinicians and mangers are aware of how the tariff system works and criteria their service must meet to enable release of this enhanced level of funding


These two guides set out the basic principles behind the BPT including funding levels, sources of more information and a series of responses Frequently Asked Questions about how the process works in practice.


These documents were updated in November 2015 to reflect the current position for 2017-19.  Further changes are expected to be consulted upon during 2018 for implementation in April 2019.

New version of FAQ to be uploaded soon